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Laptop Motherboard for Acer Aspire 7730 7730G motherboard MBAQF06001
Part Number: MBAQF06001

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Condition : Used. Our products have been tested and are 100% functional.

Package including 1pc motherboard, No Memory and CPU.

Full One Year Warranty

In stock and ready for ship

    Please make sure you are buying the right part number.Since there are different system boards for this series,

please make sure you buy the right part number to ensure 100% compatibility.

Pls email us order@buy-motherboard.com for more details.

Fit model:
Aspire 7730 Series (Model ZY6) 7730-584G16Mn (LX.AS30Y.001)
7730-584G25Mn (LX.AS30X.008) 7730-6542 / 7730-644G25Mn (LX.AS30X.010)
7730-6717 (LX.AS30X.011) Aspire 7730G Series (Model ZY6)
7730-644G32Mn (LX.AFR0X.155, LX.ARB0X.141) 7730-734G64Mn (LX.ARB0X.073)
7730-744G82Mn (LX.AFR0X.165) 7730-844G100Bn (LX.ARB0X.146)
7730G-583G25Mi (LX.ARY0X.067) 7730G-583G25Mn (LX.ARY0C.001, LX.ARY0X.061)
7730G-584G32Mn (LX.AW30X.043) 7730G-594G32Mn (LX.ARB0X.151)
7730G-643G32Mn (LX.AFR0X.167, LX.AXC0X.004) 7730G-644G100Mn (LX.AFR0X.105)
7730G-644G32Mn (LX.AFR0X.106, LX.AFR0X.133, LX.AFR0X.136, LX.AFR0X.153, LX.AFR0X.156, LX.AFR0X.184, LX.AXC0X.002, LX.AXC0X.009, LX.AXC0X.010) 7730G-644G50Mn (LX.AFR0X.182)
7730G-732G32Mn (LX.ARB0C.001) 7730G-734G32Bn (LX.AR90X.072, LX.AW30X.040)
7730G-734G32Mi (LX.ARB0X.089) 7730G-734G32Mn (LX.ARB0X.016, LX.ARB0X.018, LX.ARY0X.001)
7730G-734G50Bn (LX.ARB0X.094) 7730G-734G64Mn (LX.ARB0X.082, LX.ARB0X.083)
7730G-744G32Mn (LX.AFR0X.117, LX.ARA0X.005) 7730G-744G50Mn (LX.AFR0X.181)
7730G-844G100Bn (LX.ARB0X.147) 7730G-844G100Mn (LX.AFR0X.175)
7730G-844G32Bi (LX.ARB0X.088) 7730G-844G32Bn (LX.ARB0X.061, LX.ARY0X.002)
7730G-844G82Mn (LX.AFR0X.177) 7730G-964G64Bn (LX.ARC0X.003)
7730G-CPT2-T6400 (LX.AFR0X.191) 7730ZG-643G32n (LX.AFR0X.193)

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